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National Say Hi to Joe Day on April 28th is a fast-growing, grassroots holiday honoring the "Average Joes" of America. Whether your friend is a Joe Brown or JoAnn, enter their details below and we'll send them your 'hello' for the big day!

Why Joe?

Joe [joh] noun

Term for greeting a person or calling someone if you don't know their name. Even if you do know their name, you still call them Joe.

Urban Dictionary

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The name Joe has been an integral part of our culture since before Navy Secretary Joe Daniels brought us the “cup-of-joe” or Joe Sweeney added a fifth string to the banjo. It is a core part of our image abroad, from the G.I. Joes who defend our nation to the “Average” Joe American.

This April 28th, I invite you to celebrate Say Hi to Joe Day. It is a holiday that transcends political debate and divisive rhetoric and unites people of all genders (Jo Ann and Mary Jo), races and backgrounds. As lines are drawn, it is a holiday that reminds of the common bond that we all share—a Joe-ness, if you will.

I urge you to work in your colleagues in the legislature to make Say Hi to Joe Day a part of the culture of our great cities and state. More information on the holiday can be found at http://sayhitojoe.com

Thank you for your support!

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Joe in American Culture

Did we miss someone? Let us know...